Freak Genes (UK) - Lo Fi Gritty Witty Power Pop Bar Rock - Freak Genes (UK) - Lo Fi Gritty Witty Power Pop Bar Rock

Wild Wax Tours, die Kurzbar und Der Mannheim Kult präsentieren: am Do.14.06.2018 Einlass ab 19.30 Uhr In der KURZBAR, Werftstr.25, 68159 Mannheim FREAK GENES (UK) Lo-Fi Gritty Witty Power Pop Bar Rock Freak Genes is a collaboration between Charlie Murphy and Andrew Anderson. The two have played guitar in a bunch of bands like Red Cords, Hipshakes, Holiday Ghost and Proto Idiot, but are now trying something a bit different. Freak Genes is all the silly ideas that would normally be ignored, the stuff that's so simple it seems stupid. Using instruments they can't really play, and recording equipment they don't truly understand, Charlie and Andrew wrote and recorded Playtime in summer 2016. The album is came out on Alien Snatch in May 2017. Their second LP Qwak Qwak is coming out on Drunken Sailor in April 2018. Bandweb: http://www.aliensnatch.de/freakgenes/freakgenes.htm Clip1: https://www.youtube.com/watch v=J1mxMqZ2S_0 Clip2: https://www.youtube.com/watch v=KTY9_GZJqn8 Clip3: https://www.youtube.com/watch v=PM0dC281nM4 Wann: Do.14.06.2018 Einlass: ab 19.30 Uhr Beginn: ca..20.15 Uhr Wo: KURZBAR Werftstr.25 68159 Mannheim

Werftstr. 25
68159 Mannheim